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Travels should feed your soul

I believe that traveling to a person does not give anything if he is empty inside. I mean, sometimes when you see photos of someone’s travels on Instagram, especially when it’s winter, it’s clear that you’d also want to be “there” somewhere, and maybe even a little bit jealous. Know this – any trip brings nothing.

 You travel to see a waterfall, climb another mountain, take a picture of the rocks… Three years ago in Bali, locals used to say” “be sure to visit this place, it’s so beautiful”, and now they say: “visit this place, it’s beautiful for your Instagram” – all kinds of swings, ladders for better photo composition, and other nonsense. And yes – people come in, take photos, and leave. And that’s all.

So I say again –  traveling gives nothing to a person until we go to look at the waterfall and do not see the waterfall, or climb the rocks but don’t see the rocks, just a place for a better photo – then it makes no sense to travel.

The physical form gives an impression that passes quickly and sometimes it does not give any impression at all, because no deep experience will come from outside no matter how long you would look at the waterfall. You travel thousands of miles just to realize that what you are looking for, you already have. Traveling gives nothing until you learn to look at the waterfall within you. To the tiny blue bays by the ocean. Into the jungle animals; to inland deep-sea fish. From there, contentment and joy, because it doesn’t matter which country or continent you are in when your eyes go inward.

Walking around the most beautiful archipelago, seeing the most varied and exotic beauty of nature and, turning your eyes from the blue ocean, to see if occasionally, the dolphin came to your inside.

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