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Travelling Will not be the same

Traveling is one my favorite thing and I love to travel to new places. The last time I had traveled in the Mid of January just before the pandemic. Now when I am thinking about traveling than on things come to my mind that it will never be the same.

Let’s talk about the transport industry. Most of the places public transport means are stoped or in very bad shape. Interstate. Intercounty transports are not allowed and international travels are like stopped. Only the government is allowing rescuing flight for bringing back their citizen stuck in other countries.

This is not a good sign for people like us and we don’t know when things will be back to normal. Airports are taking very strict measures before opening it for the public. But not sure when the operation will start and if at all it starts in a few months traveling in flight will be very risky

Are you missing traveling?

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Written by Giri


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  1. I traveled for many years. we’ve had to give up our summer vacation plans so far, travel as you say will not only be different but will continue to change.

    i would ask you, what measure do you think would make travel safer?

  2. I am a senior and have had the good fortune of giving vent to my travel passion and so I will not miss it now.

    But yes, I do feel for youngsters who have a whole life before them and I know it will never be the same for them.


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