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Toy guns

Why is it that boys play with toy guns as a tradition like the girls play with dolls. Is that an American culture that we have inherited or is it really the toy guns for the boys so they will grow up to be macho men? But in this digital world I guess the tradition is being ruined and replaced by the computer games.

  • Do you still see toy guns in the store?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Not anymore
    • In some stores only


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Written by Alex Socorro


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  1. People used to label things into a certain gender. Like pink for girls and blue for boys. Same with toys.
    But luckily, my parents gave me more neutrals toys when I was a kid like building blocks, books, and coloring sets.

  2. There is constantly some gender discrimination /
    The boy wasn’t even born, his parents bought a blue blanket.
    If it’s a girl it’s gonna be pink!
    With dolls, games the same.
    Only adult women emancipated and fought for equality.
    They do all the work that men do. Remember Valentine Terjeskova.
    It flew into space.
    But we still make a difference when we are born.
    Our wrong approach.

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