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Today Is World Soil Day

Did you know that something like that exists? I am happy to know that there is a world soil day. Most gardeners today do not use soil for gardening. Especially container gardeners do not use soil – I mean the ‘real thing’. They even call soil dirt.  It is amazing how things have changed.

Farmers of old called fertile grounds ‘ lands of gold” because of the soil. They made sure they did everything possible to replenish the soil with natural elements when they tilled the soil after each harvest.  They never used chemicals on their soil or crops. Their harvests may not have been plentiful but was healthy.

Today we have plentiful food but unhealthy food. The realization has struck now and people are now going back to their roots and engaging in organic farming. We just need to learn one thing – we need to respect the land and the produce it gives us. We need to protect our soil from erosion and from chemical damage. We need to avoid food waste, there is no other better way of respecting the produce of our lands.

Nurture Nature !! She has given us all she has!!

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