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Time spent together is the best gift

Christmas, the biggest holiday of the year, is approaching too fast. The malls are breaking from the crowds of people. They look stressed, and everyone has the same question on their forehead – what to buy, what to give? We buy everything that finds on our way… And it doesn’t matter that in most cases, we don’t even know if the item is needed or whether it will really make a person happy, but we buy, we buy, we buy … It’s Christmas. After all, such a tradition.

And if somebody once said – hell, I don’t need such traditions. And if everyone stopped once and asked oneself, what Christmas gift they remember ever the most? And I’ll tell you honestly – I didn’t find the answer right away. I don’t remember those sweaters, perfumes, socks, vases, cups, and everything else. I just don’t remember!

But one thing I do remember. I remember children’s postcards. Those little, cute handmade postcards filled with painted pictures and words:  Merry Christmas, I love you, mum… Just these words and nothing more… And I remember the tear rolling down my cheek when I was reading that endlessly sincere, unplayed, true, and pure child’s writing. Just words, but a lot of love in them. I remember and I am sure I will never forget them.

So what will you give for Christmas? The biggest gift from me will be time. The amount of time I will spend together with my loved ones. The time that I have not too much but which means a lot. Time for communication, conversation. Time for reflection, silence, and just time to be together. Time because it is so much more important than what you can buy. Because time is not sold, we only have it as much as we are given, but we can share it!With the upcoming Christmas.

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  1. I can understand you. If not meeting with the big family that brings so much happiness to me, I would want Christmas to end faster and I could return to normal life without rushing, all those traffic jams, hustle in malls, and so on.

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