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Did you already finish decorate your home for Christmas?

Christmas comes in two forms: real and pretend. It is already the case that first, we see a pretended Christmas. It is full of plastic rings, cheap glitter, and shopping in supermarkets, advertisements on TV. It does not deserve much attention.

 It’s best to wait for the real Christmas to come – that’s another thing. But true Christmas is often invisible. But it smells very tasty – tangerines, cinnamon, cloves, spruce resin, mint tea and freshly baked gingerbread cookies on a cold winter day.

First and foremost, True Christmas wakes up in the heart. Mostly this happens unexpectedly when a Christmas song is heard on the radio. Or seeing the snow. Or smelling tangerines.

 However, pretend Christmas wants people to buy as many gifts and unnecessary items as possible.

“See what beautiful glitter! See how bright and colorful Christmas decorations are! Red, yellow, blue, silver, gold! Look at me! Buy presents! Decorate your home! Eat cakes!”

 Often people trust it and stand in long queues of stores, dragging bags of new stuff home, giving each other big expensive gifts. There are so many people buying and eating everything that on the 25th of December they no longer want anything. They sit at the table, watching TV, and not understanding why they are worried and unhappy – as if Christmas hadn’t come. Those poor people don’t actually meet a True Christmas!

I wish you to meet true Christmas. 

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