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Thursday Reflection and Alphabet Challenge H

I wanted to share this picture which fits both the reflection for Thursday and the Alphabet H house.

I believe to be happy the human mind needs to posses one thing  – Gratitude. We are a generation who seems to complain about everything. When we have this mindset we seem to blot out all the lovely things that we have and that are around us.

We tend to focus on the negative rather than on the positive. I remember one holiday we spent in this cottage. The place was beautiful, but the food was awful and there wasn’t nothing much for us to do. The boys started to complain and that I knew was going to ruin our holiday. We decided to go into town and buy ourselves a some cheese and stuff the boys love to eat, then we got some tennis rackets and balls and board games. With those small changes our holiday took a different turn.

We had so much fun looking at the flora and fauna around, just enjoying the beautiful mist every morning, playing with the farm animals there and spent our evenings paying board game  and stuff.

Our attitude made the host do things for us which he had stopped doing a long while ago. Every night he would build a bonfire and show off his barbecue skills. His family came out to enjoy the evenings with us. The boys had a lovely time.

  • Do you believe that we need to be grateful for the things we have?

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  • Do you think complaining spoils all that we have going for us?

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