This poem is for those who know who they are.

I composed this poem when I was making efforts to know who I am. 


You need not be a committee member

To awaken people from their slumber

Your deeds, your actions play the role

To churn the feelings in a soul.


Wait not for praise nor fame

Alas it’s not worth the game

Just live your life a good one too

Let people see what you do 


It spreads like fire just you wait

When it happens you feel great!

Live the word of divine life

There’s joy in struggle and in strife. 


People watch the way you live

They feel happy when you give

You are the drop that makes the ocean

Keeping the world ever in motion   


Society never consults you

Making  rules that suit a few

Take the wand in your hand

And create for you a happy land 


Worry not what people say

Please yourself in every way

Let not the world order you

To be happy is your due 


You play your role as good as you can

Spreading kindness in your lifespan

Do your bit and do it well

Let your actions cast the spell! 


And when the day comes to part

You can say it from your heart 

I have been fair, truthful and kind.

A better world I’ve left behind.









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Written by grace

Content AuthorYears Of Membership


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