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This Makes Things Pretty Clear

All of a sudden my life got very simple. When I looked at the numbers I don’t have much to do here at all. I will have much more time to do other things and create other places. It was just the boost of inspiration that I needed. My family will probably learn to appreciate more as we move along.

With this new experiment, I only have 4 people that I need to comment on. That shouldn’t take any time at all. I can do other things, write other places and do something more productive than throwing minutes of time around.  Thanks to Carol DM, Hannihar, DocAndersen and RasmaSandra.  I will be visiting your work and be leaving comments and then I will be off doing other things. Quid Pro Quo is a more honest look at the world, a little more black and white.

I hope you all have a great and productive day.

Disclaimer: Unless mentioned by name there is no real or inference, referring to anyone on this site, real or fictional.

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    Did you have a productive day?

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    Do you believe that everything that goes around, comes around?

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    • It is a word to me! At first, it felt self-serving and then I realized it is really more about respectful teamwork and I can live with that. I understand that it will cut down the “virils” and those who are really interested in posts and comments will be rewarded. I stand by my commitment that I won’t upvote a post without comment. It just makes sense to me, there is no real value in that.

      Mention you? You are one of my favorite subjects. lol.

        • Oh, no worries. No one is required to do anything with my posts. I am simply prioritizing my time and energy in a teamwork fashion. I see no reason to spend hours commenting and sharing for those who don’t do the same.

          So as per the way, I do Virily, thanks so much for responding. I will comment on two of your posts and share them.

          The middle ground is a good term for right now. (I reserve the right to comment more if I feel like it!

  1. Thank you for the mention. I guess it is mostly that when I come online to places like Virily I always look for the people I know and make sure that I read their posts as well as other posts. So I remember one time I did not see any of your posts and I was already wondering what was happening and where you were. I just also joined a very odd site. I still can not quite figure out what goes on there but I have posted two photos and two posts and from what I can tell I have a buck for each of the photos and I will see what happens tomorrow. I just mention it because it is easier to focus on sites like this where you know what is happening than on sites where you don’t have a clue.

    • You are very welcome. I love your work and I would follow it anywhere. Please message me and tell me about your new odd site. It sounds interesting.

      It warms my heart that you noticed I was gone. Invisible is a hard burden to carry.

    • You don’t have to be sorry. It just makes good sense to me to practice teamwork and spend my time with those who enjoy interacting with me. So as per my personal commitment for the time being. I will comment on two of your posts and share some of your posts on social media.

      I hope it brings more views to the site and makes everyone have more success. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. He is coming to look at things in about an hour. He will be looking hard for it. I feel pretty good about my decision. I didn’t commit to it forever, and still, it’s good to evaluate and it is clear that time is valuable and I should use it where it is truly appreciated. I should also appreciate the needs and time of others. I think this is a good way to do it. Agreed?

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