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This Implies, No one Died Before Covid 19!?

UNITED STATES−The death tolls attributed to the coronavirus (COVID-19) being reported through the media each day have been proven to be inaccurate. Dr. Debra Birx of the Coronavirus Task Force confirmed in video footage that should a person die of kidney failure, heart disease, asthma, or any other pre-existing condition, and also test positive for the coronavirus, their death will be included in the rising death toll for COVID-19.

 The Democrats stand accused of causing panic and hysteria over the virus. Early reports show that the deaths for the common flu outnumbered those for COVID-19 from the start. Political commentator, and founder of Blexit, Candace Owens spoke out in video footage against Connecticut Governor, Ned Lamont (D-CT) for claiming the tragic death of a Connecticut infant who arrived at the hospital unresponsive. Due to the fact that the infant tested positive for COVID-19 postmortem, the death was included in the death toll for the coronavirus. Governor Lamont, citing the death as one of COVID-19’s youngest victims.


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  1. Bogus media. Blah humbug fake media. It’s sad that the precious child died. A painful loss to his/her parents. But the Demrats’ capitalizing on the deaths of fellow humans to suit their political agenda is disgusting!

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