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Thick Skin

Amazingly the heaviest and largest among the organs in the human body. Our skin makes up about 1/7th of our body weight.  If you  (a female) weigh 105.5 (48 kg), your skin would be about 6-7 kilos or 15 lbs.

At the thickest area, our skin is only a few millimeters thick. If you’re tall, your skin has about a surface area of 3 to 5 square meters. Our skin contains billions of cells and tissues designed the work of metabolizing every nutrient, vitamins, and minerals in our body to keep us stable, flexible and healthy. What such a versatile fighting outer covering!

Further, the exciting functions of our skin as a barrier, it protects our body from harmful things in the outside world such as regulating moisture, the cold and sun rays, as well as germs and toxic substances. Learning this shines light into what we have been looking for to keep safe and healthy.

Research and thick-skin commonsense tell us to fortify our bodies in this trying times with  Vitamin C cures inflammations and coronavirus treatment, Vitamin D from sunlight, zinc for the defense of our immune system and health and strong billions of cells.

Have you tried Vitamin C before? It’s not too late to start now if you haven’t yet. Make sure you know where you get your Vitamin C– Made in America source you can trust.

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  1. I get my family’s supply from iHerb, online. We eat all kinds of fresh citrus fruits. Parsley is very rich in Vitamin C so we grow them and make tabouli.

    You’re right, skin-on (kind and loving touch) improves health. Also, we need to have thick skin about news lately.
    Thank you for dropping by, good friend, Doc.

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