They just leave without notice

The first Lolly belonged to our neighbours where the little girl in the house used to smother it.  Her mother gave it to us. He lived with us for a long time but left us to return after 3 years.  Preiti who was friends with him earlier did not accept him and so he left us again. 

The second Lolly came with great wounds.  We tried to cure him but did not come back after the Vet gave him his injection. 

The third Lolly decided to go without giving any reasons.  The fourth Lolly had a big fight with another cat and came back almost half dead.  He did not let us touch him.  He went off. 

And the last one – the most gentle, kind and loving has just left us but we hoping he will return. 

Such is the plight of feral tomcats. Do not stay. 

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Written by grace


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  1. I am so sorry about your lollies going away and not coming back. I lost my first cat when she was 20 years old and 4 months shy of her 21st birthday. I got her when she was 13 weeks old. I ex which was my husband at the time found her roaming in the street and picked her up and brought her home to me. I had a dog and they became very close. Mitzi, my cat looked like a little fur ball. She was so adorable and grew into a very beautiful tabby cat. My heart broke when I lost her and knew I still had love for another so now I have my Sophie. I got her when she was 3 months old and it was very hard for us to get to know each other but she started to get use to me. She was left to die and a family found her and gave her up at 3 months and I just lost my Mitzi so took her. She will be 6 in August.


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