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Do you ever see one of those personality tests and all of sudden just jump in and take them? Every now and then I end up just jumping in and doing it.  I am not so sure why because I tend to argue with the results. Still I must feel the need to evaluate. I realize that I have put something like this here before, and now that you know me better you might have something interesting to say about this one.

“The Magician has many positive traits. The Magician is intelligent and charismatic, yet the Magician has its blind spots and limitations. If left unmanaged, it can lead you to a downward spiral. Yet if corrected, it can unlock a Better You.

The Magician Archetype And What That Means For You

You’re a visionary, a leader, and a healer. You have high standards and are idealistic. Because of this, you’re constantly striving to make the world a better place. You seek to influence others and make dreams come true, often giving you a profound impact on the lives of others around you.

You have a gift for predicting trends and seeing into the future, making you smarter than the average person, both because of your incredible gift and your ability to decide when to use it.

You’re well organized, articulate, and curious. And you’re always the one to see the fine details others might miss. You’re a multitasker, and do so with exceptional ease. You’re highly intelligent, and may find that you are usually unstoppable in achieving your goals.

People say you’re charismatic and inspiring. But to you, you’re just using your imagination to create solutions, which is why your interests might include science, technology, or architecture.

You’re naturally an extremely self aware individual, although you may not exactly be as honest and transparent as you could be. Friends are impressed by your ability to spot a liar, but sometimes they say you’re paranoid, and overthink situations. And in fact, you yourself can sometimes become a liar, or at least exaggerate more than most people.

You consider yourself a “healthy skeptic”. And you respond rather than react, never the one to start a fight, but also never letting those who started it to get away with it. I can imagine you as a successful hostage negotiator, marriage counselor, or political diplomat.

You believe we are all connected to each other, and to the world. You get a kick out of surprising people, and you’re a great improviser. You seek to transform situations, and bring joy to yourself and others.

People often say you tell the most entertaining stories. And you love this, but it can make you question your self worth, and struggle with confidence because you care a great deal about what people think of you. And because of this, you sometimes stretch the truth just to seem more interesting.

It can be difficult to keep up the charade, so sometimes you prefer solitude over being with people and putting on the “show”. These occasional periods of solitude is good for you. It can be your “me time” to pursue creative and intellectual pursuits.

Whatever it is you choose to, it’s important to you to keep changing and growing so that you can keep up with the high level of expectations you’ve set for yourself.”

I suppose this could really apply to anyone and be interpreted  a thousand different ways.

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