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These Are The Five Places In The Office With More Germs

Places with the most germs tend to be areas with a high affluence of individuals, like public transport surfaces or a public toilet. But the office is no exception. Still, there is a precaution you can take to reduce the risk of infection and even illness – wash your hand regularly. Do not forget.

Here are five of the places and objects in the office with more germs:

Lifts Buttons and Stair Handrails – A study published in the Open Medicine journal found that 61% of elevator buttons are contaminated with bacteria, compared to 43% of most bathrooms. Handrails have high rates of germs due to the equally high circulation of people.

Office door – Doorknobs are a common source of indirect contamination. However, the handle material can determine the number of bacteria that inhabit it. Uncoated or painted handles, especially if they contain zinc, copper or nickel, may have an inhibitory effect on the proliferation of these germs.

Keyboard – Although it may be the only one to handle it, the key is that the keyboards are a safe haven for the spread of bacteria. The authors of a study published in the American Journal of Microbiology collected samples of 250 keyboards, and all of them were contaminated with microbes.

The telephone – Research has already revealed that bacteria such as streptococcus, MRSA and E. coli are present in shared phones in offices.

Cups of coffee – Here is a good reason to bring your cup from home: it is not at all unusual to find fecal matter in these objects. Research has shown that about 20% of the cups shared in the office contain stool bacteria.

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