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The world’s oldest man passed away at age 123 year in Russia

Georgia : The world’s oldest man in Russia passed away at the age of 123 year. Prior to that, this honor was with Japan’s 116-year-old Chiyo Miyako’s.

The Russian-born Georgian resident, Appaz Iliev,, have eight (8) children and 35 Grandpa while 25  grandsons.  has no birth certificate so age verification is filed in the travel document under their own claims, which is approx 126 years and If it is correct, Appaz Iliev, is the most aged person in the world.

Appaz Iliev, also claimed to be part of the war II. He started working hard in younger age as Farmer, Drive tractor and took part in the war. He was active till he die. Appaz Iliev, revealed the secret of his long life, sleep 11 hours a day while he did not drink alcohol and never smoke and avoided doctor as much as possible.

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  1. The old man was the real root … he did not drink alcohol, did not smoke … I have not heard of Rush that he has not been drinking alcohol haha … it may have been an exception

  2. He did not have any vices: he did not drink alcohol and never smoked and avoided a doctor. There are people who are very important to be active. This keeps them alive in life. I did not know anything about this man. Thanks for the article.

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