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The versatile bamboo

In this tropical country, it is common to see bamboo shoots being sold in the wet market. The edible bamboo shoot is considered a vegetable that is cooked until tender and usually eaten with fried fish. Considering that the bamboo shoot is cheap so it is not a staple but is enjoying popularity among the poor people even in the city.

For a farmer, the bamboo is an important plant because the bamboo pole is a very versatile wood that has many uses. Aside from building a house or a shed, the bamboo pole can be used as a trellis, can be woven into a basket and even be made into different furniture such as table and chairs. That is beside the common use of bamboo as a cage for chickens and other animals. But unfortunately the bamboo groves are vanishing in favor of residential villages so the prairie and vast grassy land is getting to be a rarity for bamboo to grow on.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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