The Santa Barbara Sea-Urchin Versus Covid 19

Jeff Maassen had been diving for sea urchins for the past 40 years until Covid-19 brought his business to a grinding halt. His son, Morgan, investigates and discovers a whole new world of possibilities. The Santa-Barbara Sea-Urchin is an international delicacy and so because of this when Jeff hands over his harvest.

 He has no idea who the consumers of his products are but, because of the virus which negates cargo-shipping for the time being, one of the good spin-offs of the virus, is that his local market has picked up, exponentially and with this expansion, of the local market, a new dimension of inter-personal relationships have started up, where people actually get see their products and get to know the fishermen as well, a practice which used to be common-place at every wharf around the world but one which had sadly fallen by the way with the advent of modern transport. Besides this positive change, Jeff has discovered several other fantastic new ecologically sound ocean-farming possibilities.


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