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The Present Is Better Than The Past

There is nothing much we can do about the past ,the past is behind us. But we can build a future, a future that we want. The future may not look very bright right now ( for some) but at least it is before us and we can still do something about it.

However, the future depends on the present and what you we do with it now.  We are the main contributors to our future, so it is up to to us to design what we want for our future now. We need to think through, understand what we really value, what really matters to us and decide on our priorities. That way we may not be very wrong, we may not have huge regrets and we can start work right away.

It is important not to waste this time we have , this maybe all we have to work on making our life a better one. It is in our hands. At least we will be ready for the future.

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    Do you believe that you can author your future?

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    • No
    • Maybe
    • Depends
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    The present is the best time right?

    • Yes


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  1. Yes, you can work your future by working hard, if the decisions made are right for you.
    Circumstances you often cant change, such as the weather …my sister planned her cruise but got ill because of a bad heart and smoke from Australia made her ill.

    One has to walk by faith but faith is useless if you don’t work it out. Circumstances are only what God knows at times.

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