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The lone violet morning gloory

When I saw  multi coloured morning glory seeds being available,  I ordered for a packet but only to be confronted with very little germination and of the lot just one flower emerged and that is what you see in the image. 

I could not retrieve any seeds that came up and so I lost hope of ever growing this flower again. 

In the good old days all around me were so many  interested in gardening that it was easy to exchange seeds but that is not the case these days. 

But I have not given up.  I am determined to get morning glory in all colours in my garden

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  1. Good luck with your endeavour! Where do you think you went wrong? Was it with the soil, the watering? Temperature? Light or shade? Or did you just buy a duff packet of seeds?

    There are so many things to get right when growing flowers!

    • I have been a gardener for several years and know a bit about which plants need what nourishment Even then that knowledge does not help as nature steps in and changes things over which I have no control

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