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The Importance of Search Traffic

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In the last one month, I have stayed off polls as I am posting quizzes regularly. I have decided to share my positive experience of creating quizzes through a poll. In the first two months after joining Virily, I must have created around 30 polls. I do not promote online content though social media and the only way my posts could reach someone outside Virily is when the content gets picked up by search engines. To my disappointment, I found none of my polls getting picked up by Google or Bing even for very long key words.

I have created very few quizzes (seven to be precise) in the last one month and some of them have been already picked up by search engines. Whether these keywords are strong enough to drive massive traffic or how much search traffic I am getting now are unknown at this stage. But it looks like a good beginning. Just search for keywords like “How well do we know Steffi Graf” or “How well do we know Rafael Nadal” and see where the Virily posts are listed. As I have said before, these keywords may not be great in driving huge numbers but it is a positive development that Google and Bing are viewing Virily posts favorably.

I am sure there are many others who would have had even better experiences with search engines picking up their content.  Please share your positive experiences for the benefit of all and specify the type of content that has done well with search engines. Your feedback could help us understand the type of content we all can focus on.

  • Question of

    Which type of virily content gets picked up better by search engines?

    • Polls
    • Quizzes
    • Gallery or Images
    • Open Lists
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    Do you check where your post is featured in Google search pages?

    • Very often
    • Sometimes
    • Never


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    • You are probably right Vidocka. I typed “A wonderful reflection in the lake” in the search bar and I found your post on first page.

      I typed “Thursday reflections” and I could see a couple of posts from Ileana Calotescu on first page.

      I am sure there are more such stories. It is a positive news for all authors on Virily.

  1. You are the second person after Doc to discuss this important issue, Mohan. I myself less care (if not at all) about such a thing, and can’t even answer your first question. But this post has aroused that thought!