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With this excruciating drought, we are experiencing now and several commercial farms being sold because of bankruptcy, my wife has planted just some crops for the table. Water is a scarce commodity too, so we scrape by on meager means. Like using dishwashing water and whatever other clean water we can collect. We have both kind of given up on having a harvest. Fortunately, we have had a very few millimeters of rain on and off for the past few weeks.

Can you imagine my surprise and joy when she came in from the garden with 4 heads of corn, or as we call it in South-Africa, (Mealies) She steamed them in their inner leaves and we ate them and what a blessed feast we had. I cannot remember when I had felt more humbled by a meal before. The great provider of joy had treated me to a wonderful feast when we had no hope of salvaging anything at all.

I simply had to share my great joy with my extended family, the Virily writers. PS If you find it in your hearts to pray for my country in the presence of your own hardship, I would greatly appreciate it. Bless you, everyone. 

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