The effect of pandemic on youngsters

While the pandemic has affected every human being on earth the worst according to me are the aspiring youngsters with dreams. 

Every day sad stories of youngsters committing suicide surface.  A brother and sister did that here a couple of days ago.  Highly educated with no money in their pocket and not being able to face their creditors they took this extreme step. 

Then there are migrants here in India who were overnight jobless, foodless and homeless.  

  • Do you have youngsters in your immediate circle having go through this trauma?

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    • No


What do you think?

Written by grace


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  1. Not only the younger generation are feeling the effects of this virus. Here in Israel we have this very famous Jewish Market called the Shuk or Mahane Yehuda in Jerusalem. It is a very popular place that tourists love to go there as well as people that live here. They were closed because of the virus for a long long time and someone that has a stall there committed suicide. He just wanted to open up his stall so he could make a living. It is a very very hard situation for all. I am not getting funds I have been waiting for and it is very very frustrating when you do not see them come and other problems with neighbors or a neighbor and others that are just so nasty and do not care.

    • I do understand that there are others who are in the same situation but don’t you think the future for the young is bleak?

      I too am waiting for my medical reimbursement but have to wait as the courier service here is in disarray.

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