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The dog managed to smell the human blood and diagnose lung cancer

Washington: American experts claim that dogs have been able to smell the human blood and diagnosing lung cancer. In Florida during a meeting, experts have reported that dogs have been able to diagnose cancer 97 % accurately in lungs by smelling human blood.

Experts said that they gave 2 different types of blood samples to volunteer dogs, One declared lungs cancer patients and the other blood was of healthy humans. According to experts, dogs gave accurate result of 97% in diagnosing lung cancer.

Experts said that this research proved that dogs can help experts in diagnosing the cancer, but further research is needed on this matter. Experts added that after the first study of dogs, they will now experience the second type of diagnosis of cancer through the dogs till the end of the year.

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  1. I never feel embarrassed when a dog starts smelling me, because I know it’s a way for them to find out more about me. They can’t tell my age and gender right away, they gotta use their nose.
    It’s wonderful how much info dogs can get just by sniffing.

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