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The creature in the compost

I was clearing out my compost bin and got a surprise. At first I thought it was a toy or plastic ornament that got thrown into the compost bin in error. I asked for a second opinion in determining whether the creature in the compost was fake or real. It looked fake to me but I was told, no,  it is real.

Interestingly enough it looked so much like part the compost that it was difficult to tell the difference I was using a shovel and thought that if it was a living thing I would have already killed it accidentally and maybe I did since there was no sign of life coming from it.

Finally, I decided to poke it and it moved ever so slightly. It was our resident frog that has been overwintering in, and residing, in our garden for several years now.  I had no idea the compost bin was it’s choice to hibernate but it was an excellent camouflage. I moved it away from the compost and it didn’t move as if it was still asleep and then I heard it take it’s first breath or croak. I left it alone and found it in the backyard pond the next day.

  • Did you know that frogs freeze solid in winter and come alive in spring?

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Written by Gloridaze

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  1. I learned something new. I did not know that aspect of a frog’s life cycle. I will have to let my ex parents in law know that fact as they also have a compost bin… But it will wait because right now it is May here but it is still too cool to even attempt a garden as the temperature is in the mid teens during the day and often dips to below teens at night.

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