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The Confederate Rose or The Changing Rose

The Confederate rose of changing rose as some call it is not a rose actually. The botanical name is Hibiscus Mutabilis, also known as Dixie rosemallow, or the cotton rosemallow. It belongs to the mallow family like the hibiscus.

Its a tall shrub  loved for its abundant showy blooms. It is a miracle of nature that the blooms change color throughout the day. In the mornings the blooms are white, the purest white with just the light yellow pollen showing through  the white petals.

Around mid morning you see the color change from a pastel pink to deeper shades of pink until sunset.  The plants have bunches of flowers blooming on them in season. They have thick woody trunks and  beautify leaves. They are fast growing and can be propagated through cuttings.

The main picture is taken in the evening.

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