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The comfort of the rubber shoes

Unless the occasion is a formal one, I have noticed that the majority are those wearing rubber shoes. There was a time that we had a big gathering of the clan in the home of my niece that everyone except me were in rubber shoes. They even laughed at my leather shoes and teased me for wearing it in going to the farm.

The rubber shoes is not only for athletes. It is worn for the comfort of the feet especially those who have been working in the office that rubber shoes is forbidden to wear. During the weekend, they take advantage of the free time by wearing rubber shoes in going to the mall or to the park. There is no statistics but I guess the rubber shoes are the biggest when it comes to sales over the leather shoes.

  • How many rubber shoes do you have?

    • just 1
    • two pairs
    • more than 2 pairs


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Written by Alex Socorro

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