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The Bridge of Lies in Sibiu- a Source of Creepy Legends

I was telling you in a previous post about the houses with eye-shaped windows which exert a kind of spooky fascination on those who visit the Transylvanian city of Sibiu, but these are not the only interesting things you will find in the old town of one of Romania’s most beautiful cities. Another attraction which I couldn’t miss when I went to Sibiu was represented by the Liar’s Bridge or the Bridge of Lies, as some people call it.

The Liar’s Bridge was originally a wooden bridge which was rebuilt in 1859 when it became the first forged iron bridge in Romania, but the things which make this structure so appealing are the legends surrounding it. One of them says that if a person tells a lie while crossing it, the bridge will start to squeak in a threatening manner, and if the lie is really big, the bridge will crumble and the unfortunate liar will fall to his or her death on the asphalt below!

There is another legend which claims that a person who tells a lie while being on the bridge will be turned to stone; it is said that there is a bit of truth in every legend, so when I found myself on the bridge I decided to say the truth and nothing but the truth, so nothing bad happened while I was on it. I am quite sure that the locals who cross that bridge daily are extremely honest people, so maybe there should be replicas of the famous Bridge of Lies from Sibiu installed in many other cities all over the world!

Anyway, if you come to Transylvania and admire the old town of Sibiu from the liar’s bridge, remember to tell the truth while you’re on it, and if you usually can’t help telling a white lie, try not to say anything instead because you never know when a creepy legend can turn into a horrible reality!

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