The aroma when the bread is baking

When I was schooling there was a bakery close to the school.  We knew the owners of that bakery and during the interval we would rush there as that was the time when the bread was getting ready  That aroma of the bread baking is still in my memory. 

The baker kept some tiny crusty and hard bread  – just about an inch in size – for us and we knew he would keep them for us. 

Before I kick the bucket I want to successfully bake bread and get back that memory. 

  • Do you bake your own bread?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

Written by grace


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          • No it didn’t, we just happened to stumble upon it by seeing the for sale sign. It was charming and we looked at it several times before deciding it was a bit of a drive to work. My husband and I were both still working then. Turns out someone else signed a purchase agreement and we were just thinking that was for the best. Then six months later the owners called us and told us the sale didn’t go through and asked if we were still interested. I ended up researching the original owners and was going to put their story together in a scrap book. But the nephews got into all the paperwork, and documents and got them all out of order. Had the flooding in Louisiana and our other house flooded. I ended up having a stroke and the scrape book never got started let alone finished.

  1. Yes, I have a lot of good memories about bread too.

    Unfortunately now, my digestion has changed, and I cannot eat much bread, as it gives me a bloated stomach, and indigestion.

    I still love the smell, the taste, but not the after effects…lol…

      • I have tried most everything, but bread gets me every time, especially spicy buns too.

        It’s not so bad if I eat only small proportions early in the morning, but come afternoon, or evening, it’s a real pain for me to eat bread, if that small pun is allowed…lol…

        • Let me quote “Man does not live by bread alone” another one “There is plenty of fish in the ocean” This should pacify you. And incidentally in the post most commented, my comment has jumped. and not under your response

          • Yes, they are good quotes. I still eat bread, I just need to be not so greedy with it…lol…The different grain and seed breads also seem to affect me, badly.

            I am experimenting with different types of breads, ciabatta, or something like that seems ok for me.


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