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World's most expensive double bread

Can you spend thousands of dollars to buy a double bread? This question may seem silly to you, as to how expensive a double bread can be. But today I am  going to tell you about the world’s most expensive double bread, made by Spanish baker John Manuel Moreno.

The reason this bread is the most expensive is because it uses very expensive ingredients to make it. In this double bread one gram of gold and one gram of silver are also used to make it and this 400 gram double bread costs US $ 1500 which is considered to be the most expensive double bread in the world.

The baker, who makes double bread, says that because of its price, not everyone can buy it, but it is only for the wealthiest. According to John Manuel Moreno, double bread uses many expensive ingredients besides gold and silver.

This Double Bread manufacturing Company sells Double Bread to its customers worldwide, and purchased in the United States, China, Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

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