The 95 year old American completed a journey of 100,000 miles on a bicycle

The 95-year-old American has traveled 100,000 miles on a bicycle, an example of his determination. California residents calls their neighbor ‘Bicycle Bob. ۔ He retired from his job in 1990 and still rides a long bicycle every day. This week, on Tuesday, he completed 100.000 miles of his journey on a bicycle, and everyone, special and ordinary, celebrated on this occasion, expressing their happiness.

Link to Video – Bob Cycle Passion 

The small ceremony was held in Santa Maria with friends and neighbors. Since 1990, Bob has cycled daily and traveled at least 9 miles or 16 kilometres. ۔ He have a passion for cycling, whether it rains or snows, he cycle every day with a new determination.

On this important occasion, Bob said that he is very happy to have covered a distance of one 100,000 miles. ۔ He said that cycling is the reason for his good health. He said he would rest for a few days and start cycling again.

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