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Thank You Ironman for Giving Us Light

POTD ( Photo Of The Day) December 27, 2019

We were hit by typhoon Ursula on Christmas day. (Read: Dark Christmas).

Because of the typhoon, the whole province lost its power supply. The electric company tried to work as fast as they can to restore power.

But fallen electric posts, trees, and other debris hamper their work. At the moment, they have restored power to some parts of the city. Unfortunately, up to now, we still don’t have power.

I don’t want to use candles of any gas-fueled lamps as light overnight. The small solar-charged lamp that I bought recently goes dim after a few hours.

For this Christmas, we bought a dancing Ironman toy for our two-year-old son. Like Ironman it’s chest and palms light up. One thing I discovered is, it has a mode that lights up the chest and hands only. It consumes less power than on it’s dancing mode.

So for the third night, Ironman serves as our night light.

So, thank you, Ironman, for lighting up our dark Christmas.

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    Isn’t the Ironman toy cute?

    • Yes
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    Have you ever thought that a simple toy could have a practical use?

    • Yes


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