Texas-A Short Film


A powerful little story of enduring love plays itself out in the Texas desert at a forlorn railroad crossing. The crossing is signposted, Texas on the one side and Oklahoma on the other side.

A gleaming, black SUV is parked on the Texas side of the rail track. A shining red sedan some distance away, on a dirt road, is making its way towards the crossing and the nearby parked SUV.

The red sedan comes to a halt on the Oklahoma side of the track, an attractive, blond-haired, middle-aged woman, dressed in jeans and cowboy boots steps out of her car and makes her way towards the Railtrack. As she gets there, a middle-aged man wearing a Stetson, a blue shirt and white star, a bandana is standing, waiting at the Railtrack, he is on the Texas side and she is standing on the Oklahoma side

Watch as this delightful short drama unfolds… CLICK HERE

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