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Taking care of yourself

The other day, during a manicure, I realized that I somehow waste a lot of time. First of all, it’s difficult to find the time, sit on an uncomfortable chair for an hour, listen to the chatter of a manicurist, breathe in chemistry and choose a color from a palette where there are never any my favorite tones, pay money, and pay money again after 2 weeks…

The week passes quickly, and then another week you look at these overgrown nails with a color that is already too boring, and you dream of getting to the manicure and fix it as soon as possible.

And I had to admit to myself that I do not do this manicure for myself, it’s like a declaration: “Look, I’m doing fine, I take care of myself!” Although in fact, this is not true, and far from the message that I would like to broadcast. And certainly not about nails.

From all sides, you just hear that you just need to take care of yourself, of course, who would argue! But now, it seems to me, there are different things hidden behind these words.

For some reason, women think that taking care of themselves is a thorough make-up every morning, expensive clothes, Botox, and similar. But may this concern is not about yourself, but about another person, about all those people who, in your mind, should be pleased to look at you. 

Does this mean that I am against makeup and beautiful clothes? Of course not. Just taking care of myself begins with the fact that in a number of cases, I put the interests of my body above the interests of other people.

Of course, I, like any girl, want to be beautiful. But even more, I want to feel good, be in harmony with myself and not betray my values. What do I need for this? 

I would say: get enough sleep, find time and place for solitude, meditation, and your cup of tea,  find time and place for creativity,  have freedom of movement and freedom of thought, engage in your physical and mental health, realize your ideas in life… And at the same time still refrain from comparisons, categorical judgments, listening to whiners, and the desire to be sweet with everyone, – that is, to keep your space clean and harmonious.

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