Sweet childhood

 When I came across this photo, I recalled my childhood.

Let’s jump years back. To childhood. To the times when toys, yard buddies, pink sugar wool, small sandboxes and blue buckets like abracadabra created beautiful sandcastles. In those days, I remember playing yard games, and I loved my toys so much that most of them, packed in a sack, ran around the yard with me.

In those days, I was building houses out of chairs, huge cardboard boxes, and lots of plaids, waiting for my mom’s “white brown cake,” always asking for more white, and the kitchen was a mom’s zone only, where, in the evenings, pancakes with apples or semolina porridge with cinnamon or berries were prepared for us.

Today, those days – sweet childhood – are distant beautiful and joyful memories that sometimes come as a surprise. For example, looking at photos, hearing a good old song, walking around gorgeous shops and finding beautiful gifts for wonderful little ones… 

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