Much is being talked about foods that heal.  The point is how much of the food should one eat to take care of the ailment in question?

I have an eye issue and a search on the Net pointed out to several foods that could help me. I need 12 mg of that component and to get that much I need to eat plenty of food that contains it   Eggs contain .4 mg of that substance and to get 12 mg imagine the number of eggs I would have to eat.  Same applies to several vegetable none of them will have 12 mg if eaten in small quantities. The question is also about the availability of those vegetables.  Then there is the question of getting fed up eating those vegetable on a daily basis. 

I then looked for supplements that contain this substance  And I found one with the right amount of the substance I was searching for . I have started taking this supplement after consulting the doctor. Keeping my fingers crossed. 

  • Would you go for supplements that will cure you of your ailment?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. ” like celery seed extract, or garlic tablets, or spirulina, chlorophyll, super greens etc. etc.” What you have stated do come under ‘Supplements’ When just taking tablets and capsules to replace normal food is not what is discussed here. But it is about a particular condition that needs a certain amount of a substance which one can find in a capsule rather than eat foods that have it in quantities day in and day out

  2. I think supplements are ok, but I do prefer natural substances, like celery seed extract, or garlic tablets, or spirulina, chlorophyll, super greens etc. etc.

    I used to take too many man-made supplements, when I was younger, and they destroyed my digestion, as I manufactured extra acid, it seems, to digest the hardness of them, and I still have that problem, with excess acid now in my stomach, (nearly 40 years later) which I must continually neutralise with milk, apples, or Rennie tablets.

    • I was young and stupid and into weights and exercise.

      I used to swallow handfuls of vitamin/minerals of all types without much discrimination, thinking that the more the merrier. And I took them for far too long a period, for years on end.

      It is better just to take a one month course of them, come off them, and give it a break for a while altogether then, before checking the results, and going back on them later, only if they are really beneficial to you.


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