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Superstitions concerning doors

Doors, and how they are used, have long featured in various superstitions that people have held down the centuries. In particular, forbidding the entry of evil spirits and the exit of good luck have been regarded as being of particular importance.

The porch of the front door, which is the main entrance, should be protected by a good luck charm. This could be a small statue – a household god in ancient Rome – or a horseshoe, but the latter must always be nailed so that the points are at the top, otherwise the good luck could fall out!

When you first move into a new home you must use the front door the first time you enter it, because the back door is not protected against evil spirits and one or more might slip in alongside you. You must also ensure that visitors to your home always leave by the same door by which they entered, because otherwise they will take the owner’s good luck out of the house when they leave.

If a door opens of its own accord – maybe due to a gust of wind – a visitor is on their way, and if a door slams, that could mean that the good spirits that look after your home might be injured or trapped!

Doors and windows should be left open when a baby is born or someone is dying. This is so that the person’s soul can enter or leave without hindrance.

The Romans had the idea that it was unlucky to allow someone to enter your home with the left foot first. Wealthy Romans even employed servants to make sure that this never happened. This is the origin of the “footman” who formed part of the establishment of well-to-do families in more recent times.

Do you actually believe in any of these superstitions? And, if so, why?! 


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  1. Two superstitions we followed about doors in Latvia because in Latvian folklore the superstitions are similar. We had a horseshoe on our garage door and on New Year’s Eve to keep out evil spirits we drew crosses on our front door.

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