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Stop Using Antibacterial Wipes On Toys

 When wiping surfaces with antibacterial wipes, you are left with a satisfying smudge of dirt on the white rag. However, what you don’t see is what stays behind on the surface, chemicals. I believe that the major reason people should not use these wipes as a daily solution to wipe surfaces is that doctors are seeing a growing number of cases of antibiotic-resistant bacteria,”. 

Some of the blame for this should go to antibacterial wipes and soaps. The majority of surfaces will probably be as germ-free after cleaning with warm water and regular soap or another household, chemical-free cleaners. Doctors are stressing that parents should never use the wipes on children’s toys Because kids are practically guaranteed to put toys in their mouths, don’t ever use antibacterial wipes and soaps

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  1. There is also the question of what happens to the wipes after they have been used. Far too many are flushed down toilets, causing massive problems when they block drains, due to not being anything like as degradable as claimed by their manufacturers.

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