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Spoilt brats – Pinkie and Lolly

I no longer worry about Pinkie messing inside  She has learnt to use the garden and I lovingly watch her running out to ‘do her job’

And that is why I no longer restrict them.  They are free to loiter wherever they want to.  Here as you can see they are among those soft toys which in fact I had placed there as Pinkie used to do her job on that couch.  I have still kept them there as I notice they  both enjoy that place.

That couch is my favourite corner where I normally sit and reminisce.  Wonder if I will ever get to use that place as both seem to have grabbed it from me.

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    Do you spoil your pets too?

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    How do you spoil your pets?

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Written by grace


  1. Yes I spoiled and still spoil my pets. My three dogs (which are now departed) were not spoiled with food and toys but with frequent walks which they all loved and a lot of petting, grooming and kissing. My cat Runt (still alive and going strong) is spoiled rotten by my ex who makes special food bowls for him and a lot of playtime and plush toys… My pets were and still are my babies who basically never grow up and stayed young throughout their entire lives… Your cats surely look spoiled rotten but are also very beautiful and seemingly in good health…