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Spidery Spiky Chrysanthemums

There are so many varieties of chrysanthemums, the spoon and the pompom varieties are my favorites.

I am not too fond of the spider or spiky variety.  Not that I don’t like them so much  but its more like they have no real shape or symmetry that flowers have.

They do attract curiosity and a second peek. I pick plant I like or want for some reason. So this one is not in my garden. I found this at the nursery I visited a few days back.

Some tips for growing Mums. 

Pinch the heads when they are 6 inches or more to keep them compact and full of blooms.

They love to be fed, so fertilize them as often as once a week when they start to put out buds.

Never forget to deadhead the blooms that are spent.

To have a large number of plants propage the cutting you pinch off or cut then a bit longer when you dead head the flowers and propagate them. You will have blooms for a longer time.

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    Do you like chrysanthemums?

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    Do you propagate mums or buy it off the shelves?

    • Buy off the shelves
    • Propagate
    • Don’t like them don’t have them


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