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Spacing – A new concept

This is something I wrote a few years ago,  I didn’t post it anywhere.  The concept of the need for space has now changed to something totally different. Now they expect us to physically distance ourselves from people, they call it social distancing.  This concept didn’t exactly exist when I wrote this bit.


It is good to have spaces in between, but that depends on what we are talking about… a set of teeth doesn’t look good with spaces in between, so does our hair, it looks  rather sad to have spaces of balding skin showing up where the hair should have been.  Space  does look good between words or between our eyes. Spaces serve their purpose.

All of us love our personal space even between our dear ones, it is even considered healthy to have some space between couples.  Though we are close, space provides us the platform for our individuality stand out , it helps us be the unique creatures that we are meant to be. A little personal space help us breathe in peace and saves us from that enochlophobia (fear of crowds) feeling that could envelop us if we were crowded out.

I love my space and it is something that I would always like to maintain, to keep some part of my life private.  I wouldn’t like to have a life that is open for public view – my space is my own. I like spaces between my friends and I or my spouse and I.

This space is sacred ground.  Where imagination plays and dream run amok, and I am the master of what I want to reveal, my space is my own. I am sure most of us do feel strongly about our personal spaces.

Well now, we have been forced to maintain physical space as well. Thanks to covid19 we are learning new concepts and ways of living.

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    We all need some space , don’t we?

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    • Children are different, but if you watch carefully he wouldn’t like someone to touch certain things or be with him when he does certain things. However this becomes marked as they grow up.

  1. i understand the balance. I am by nature a thinker. I read (such as this) and attempt to relate it to where I am. That requires an environment for me, that is flexible.

    i also like to have the tools i use all around me, for easy reach.

    Based on that I’ve had a dedicated space in the house that is my office for nearly 30 years now. I need the ability to be alone.

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