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Social Distancing While Queueing.

Our province has been placed under the General Community Quarantine for over two weeks now. There was no new confirmed covid-19 case for about a month already. Some business establishment has already opened. The malls have opened as well at limited capacity.

Fast food restaurants were open for take-out only. In one of the malls, I observed that they were limiting the number of people inside the building. A face-mask must be worn to enter any establishment. And the guards would spray sanitizer to each person’s hands.

And the people queueing to pay for the groceries are keeping their distance… although it’s a bit closer than the recommended physical distancing. ¬†The floor is marked with yellow tape to help maintain the distance.

Again, we don’t have had any active covid-19 cases in our city. But practicing physical distancing and wearing mask would help prevent a resurgence.

  • Should Social Be Distancing Be Observed Even Without the Lockdown?

    • Yes
    • No
    • No


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    • Thanks @ahol888, I think the whole country will be under General Community Quarantine even after we zeroed out covid-19. It requires discipline though. There are still some people who chose to ignore this concept.

      The quarantine was an effective measure to contain the virus in our province. We had five cases only. All five were from covid-infected areas before the quarantine was implemented.


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