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Sky Sunday ~ Does the weather affect our well-being?

Some are more sensitive and perceive a change in weather before the weather visibly changes, others respond only to a relatively strong stimulus.

Of course, we are not all equally sensitive to the effects of the weather, and our sensitivity changes over the course of a lifetime, possibly several times. Our ancestors knew how to listen to the body better and lived more in harmony with the natural environment. The modern lifestyle is more independent of the natural rhythm, there is more and more haste and mental strain, and we are often exposed to a more polluted environment. This makes us more susceptible to additional stresses and weather changes are one such additional burden.

We cannot change the weather according to our own wishes, and if we know how to adapt properly, then we can get along well in any weather. Otherwise, the greatest charm of the weather is that it is constantly changing.

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  1. what a wonderful conversation starter. Does the weather impact our mood.
    I know, walking in the rain feels fun at the time, but then cleaning up after that walk is painful. Walking when it is uncomfortable (high heat and high humidity) also impacts.

    The weather drives moods sometimes.


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