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Silhouette Saturday ~ Are you tired?

Do you hardly look forward to the evening every day when you literally fall into bed? You are not alone. Fatigue is experienced by many people. It most often attacks us during the winter, when the days are short and we only sometimes catch a ray of sunshine.

This is followed by spring fatigue, when our body slowly “wakes up” to activity, as nature wakes up around us. The hectic pace of life, enriched with stress, does not allow us to slowly wake up with the first rays of spring.

The golden rule that says we should divide our 24 hours a day into 8 hours of work, 8 hours of free time, and 8 hours of sleep still applies. Long-term lack of sleep does not bring anything good.

After each period of activity, intense work (remember to work at home, not just at work!) And stressful events, plan a break. Be careful that the temporarily increased workload does not turn into normal and steals your time for rest.

I rest the most and relax in the evening on my terrace. When I look at the beautiful nature that surrounds me, I forget about fatigue.

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  1. Great picture to share. My mind is so tired. I worry about my brother, my job, my grandkids. It’s wearing on my body. You are the lucky recipient of random comment number 88 “Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length.” Robert Frost


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