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Short term plan with what I will do and what I won't do on Virily

I have never been a fan of planned things, but today I try to draw a few directions that I will follow in the short term here on Virily. Until I have other more creative ideas, I will continue with my photographic challenges:

Macro Monday – on Monday

Wednesday Shadow – on Wednesday

Thursday Reflections – on Thursday

The Friday in Black and White – on Friday

Saturday’s Critters – on Saturday

My daily picture – everyday

I also intend to start a new challenge – 1/60 sec of Maya’s and Kitty’s life.  I will talk about at the right time.

I will continue to edit the broken posts, until I bring them all in a proper state.

I will continue to read posts that I find interesting and …. if I have something to say I will comment. If I have nothing to say, I will continue as before. I will view, read and leave without leaving any sign.

 What I won’t do on Virily!

I will NEVER upvote a post without reading it, as some do with my posts!

I will NEVER report a comment or any post, as it happened to me last year!

I will NEVER block any user

I will NEVER edit a proper post … just to prove something.

I will NEVER judge any action of any user! 

This is what I propose in the short term!

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Written by Ileana Calotescu


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  1. I did not make any plan but I act as you described. I can sign up for any of them. I have never reported any user, comment or post. I think if moderators approved post, we should not report it, and to report opinion – comment is just silly. If someone will offend me, I will leave it without responding, I avoid toxic people and will never start a discussion with them. All others are welcome to discuss anything in a polite form. I also will not edit any post just because I have made any silly mistake, mixed letters or something. I will not abuse with editing, but I will edit all broken posts which have not any picture on them. Till the last one. Simply, we all should follow Virily rules and be polite here.

  2. I agree with most of these, and that is actually how I think and want to do too but unfortunately some users who DO report things and act improperly in such terms if you ask me made me act differently and that is what I actually don’t like here… – the negativity I was exposed to made me act the same way they do… I want ot act the same way you explained above but it seems impossible when those same people don’t act like that towards you…
    Unfortunately, those same people are accusing Other people for Their negativity which is a reaction to their negativity…

    • I’m glad you agreewith most of these! What I have written here is what I intend to do. I will not comment on the behavior and actions of other users. If I come to the conclusion that I don’t like a user anymore, I won’t interact with that user anymore (not the case yet).

      • I know, I just tried to explain why it was impossible for me to act that way even though that is what I wanted… The problem is not in interacting, the problem is such users write about us in a negative way for example despite not interacting with them…

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