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Sea Turtle ~ Olive Ridley

Sea turtles are amazing creatures. These are beautiful animals one would like to see in the sea. We once had a plan to go for turtle point snorkeling, but unfortunately we missed it.The olive ridley is a species of sea turtle mostly found in the warm water of the pacific ocean and Indian ocean. These are one of the smallest of the sea turtle. The most important thing to notice about them is the egg-laying process. The female turtle travels a long distance to lay the eggs in groups to a particular beach. After a few months, the bay turtle comes out from the eggs and go back to the sea.  Then after years, the same baby turtles come back to the place (Place of its birth)  to ley their eggs.These small tinny turtles look amazing, But all the eggs don’t gate chance to hatch and after the baby comes out from the eggs all of them don’t able to come back to sea.  But this is the way their life goes on.

Pic Credit: Photo by Jolo Diaz from Pexels

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