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Saturday Critters – Cerbul Carpatin (Cervus elaphus)

Of all the wildlife of our forests, the deer is the most impressive animal. Its most precious jewels are branched horns with ivory spikes, with more or less branches depending on age. Exceptionally, the horns can have 20 branches, weighing up to 15kg each and a length of 1.3m. The deer change their horns each year in February-March, the duration of the new horns being 120-130 days.

By name, we might think it is an animal that lives only in mountain areas but it is not true at all. The deer is found inside the Carpathian Arch, but also in the forested hills. The fact that we see the deer more often in the mountains is due to its refuge in the mountain area in search of more peaceful places.


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Written by Ileana Calotescu