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Saturday creatures – Snail in a flower

I always have snails in my garden, they use to eat my strawberries and the blooms of the flowers. I don’t mind having them in my garden, i think it is a funny animal, but I hate when they eat my fruits and flowers.

Today it was a sun day and while I was watering my garden this little one come to the sunlight. I took this picture and it surprised me for it’s beauty.

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Written by Maria


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  1. Yes, I have them. Do you want more? I could send em that way. lol I want a good natural product that works to get rid of them for good. Sighs.
    I do like snails, just not here with my flowers. I love the patterns on the shells, their little antennae eyes… And I have snails that I actually bought for my fish tank. Those are really cool, they move very fast.


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