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Riding on elephants…

I just read a Facebook post from a friend sharing her experience in Elephants World in Thailand. She and her family were spending good time with the elephants, naturally. She suggested everyone to avoid riding on elephants and also watching elephants’ shows. She advised us not to buy any souvenirs made of elephant tusk too, as the only one who needs the tusk is the elephant, not us.

Before I checked out the website of Elephants World and other articles about elephant riding, I can understand why my friends suggested that. I believe the ways the elephants were “trained” to perform or give us a ride are not friendly to the elephants at all. I remember reading the children book, Dumbo (a Disney storybook) to my children. I felt sad for how the baby elephant, Dumbo was trained to perform on the stage. After I read more about how elephants are trained online, I feel even sadder for the elephants. It’s really animal abuse. Though the elephant will not die without the tusks, people might kill the elephants in order to get the tusks.

I would like to share the messages from my friends to others, and hence here comes this post.

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