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Revisiting a Huge Killer of Americans

It probably comes as little surprise to most people that the major media has incorrectly claimed that there was a large jump in deaths caused by gun violence in the US in 2018. Before we get into a much larger killer of Americans, let’s first look at the truth regarding gun-related deaths in the US.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, which is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization that tracks shootings throughout the US, there were 14,623 gun violence deaths in 2018, compared to 15,658 in 2017. That is a drop of almost 7%.

How can the media get away with misreporting this as an increase? That is easy. Gun violence doesn’t include suicides since suicides are self-inflicted. It is also widely recognized that someone who is determined to commit suicide is going to find a way to do it even if they don’t have access to a gun. However, the media has included suicides in order to pad the numbers and suicide rates increased between 2017 and 2018.

Even the factual number doesn’t differentiate the number of people who were lawfully killed during the commission of a crime or those who were killed in drug or gang shootings.

Still, even the actual number of non-justifiable gun-related homicides was over 3,000. As a percentage of the population, that is incredibly tiny, but it is still a significant number. It is over three times the number of people that live in my town.

Suppose that I told you that in 2018, something else murdered over 72,000 Americans? Something did. It is obviously far deadlier than guns and the number of people killed is increasing.

What is it that is murdering so many Americans? It is called Fentanyl, a synthetic drug that is 50 times more potent than Heroin. It was created in Chinese laboratories and that is where it is primarily produced.

Yet, the major media barely mentions it. If their supposed rage over deaths from guns was actually about American lives, they’d spend much more time talking about something that kills almost 5 times more people than all gun-violence related deaths, including drug and gang-related, and even people killed while committing a crime. In fact, that far eclipses the total number of people who died from gunshots in the US in 2018, including suicides.

Death isn’t a trivial matter, but it is interesting how the media wants to decide what is and is not important for us to know, isn’t it?

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Written by Rex Trulove


    • Sadly, the press is not only not reporting the danger and problem, but they also refuse to acknowledge that the president and First Lady are working hard to try to do something about it.