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Responsibility …

I probably have been talking too much about “human” and more of it in a negative way … Maybe I notice negative things more … Not sure its a good thing…

Quite a lot have happened and I’ve once again seen the ugly side of people … When things are going “smooth”, they don’t want to respect their leader… or even question them or try to take credits …

But when things go wrong (or gets difficult), “Oh, he is the leader, go look for him, I don’t know anything!”

People love to shrink responsibility but then want to take credit … LOL

It’s just how things are, maybe we should just accept that and then become like that?

I don’t think so.

  • Question of

    How responsible do you think you are? On a scale 1-5.

    • 1 (not responsible)
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
    • 5 (Very responsible)
  • Question of

    Do you dislike irresponsible people?

    • 1 (I’m OK)
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
    • 5 (Hell you go!)


What do you think?


Written by alibb

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  1. I try my best to accept my guilt when it’s my fault, but I can’t say I’m perfect. It’s about cause and effect, action and reaction: if you do something you have to accept the consequences, and by doing so, you show maturity.

    There are people who take responsibility for things they have no responsibility and people who don’t take responsibility when they should. I can’t say I hate them, but I surely dislike their behavior. ?

    • You’re mature! I mean it takes a lot to accept/admit your mistakes.

      I think its the previous (those that take responsible for others’ actions) that cause the latter to become worst sometimes… I mean if you get away with everything, you don’t see a consequence.

  2. Users voted 5 times.
    Q: How responsible do you think you are? On a scale 1-5.

    3 (1 votes) – 20%
    5 (Very responsible) (4 votes) – 80%

    Q: Do you dislike irresponsible people?

    1 (I’m OK) (2 votes) – 40%
    3 (1 votes) – 20%
    4 (2 votes) – 40%

  3. I clicked 5, then 1. I am responsible, but it doesnt bother me when other aren’t unlesss it directly affects me that is. 😉 Keep your chin up, and remember the good or responsible ones in this case. Great thoughts to ponder Alibb.

    • LOL, it just gets annoying when it happens …
      I’m not very responsible myself so I don’t expect much … :p

      But it gets to you when those who are irresponsible makes the most noise …
      well, glad, all is over … 🙂

  4. Yes, it does bother me when people just seem not to care. I do believe there are a lot of responsible people around as well. Believe more about the responsible people, then, maybe that is one positive step in helping this troubled world.


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